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Our goal is to provide high-quality education to underserved individuals, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to obtain an entry level healthcare position.

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Upcoming Classes


(ASHI Certification)

(4 hours @ $55.00) 


CPR/First Aid

(4 hours @ $65.00) 

American Heart Association BLS Provider 
(Basic Life Support)

(4 hours @ $65.00) 

Nice Nurse

Nursing Assistant Classes

Doctor's Appointment

Nursing Skills Lab

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Middle/High School CPR, AED, Choking, and First Aid



She’s a wonderful instructor!! Keeps everyone engaged, and we are a big team, and she kept us all involved and hands-on and very informative and thorough! Highly recommended and amazing personality!

Carrie , RDH

Always great to take this class with Sharena. Not only is she willing to teach an entire office, but she also makes time to privately teach on the weekends. Her experience and interpersonal skills keep the subject matter upbeat and applicable to any real-life situation—perfect class for any healthcare provider. 


 She was very helpful and made learning fun. Four hours can seem like a long time, but Nurse Sharena made the time fly by and was very informative. I will return to her when it is time for my recertification.


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