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Medication Administration Provider Class:

Medication Administration Provider


(Live classroom training with an APD approved RN)

This program covers the required training for unlicensed staff involved with the management of medications and assisting with the self-administration of medications under Florida Rule 65G-7 Medication Administration.


Unlicensed staff must complete this initial 6 hours of training provided by an APD approved trainer using an APD provided training course prior to assisting a resident with self-administration of medications. Open to everyone (no pre-requisites or experience required).

Steps to Becoming a MAP

(Medication Assistance Provider)

  1. Take the Basic Medication Administration Training (this course), including passing validation for otic, transdermal, topical by simulation

  2. Take the test, and pass – receive certificate

  3. In an on-site setting with actual clients and their medications, successfully demonstrate your skills with a Validation Trainer – receive certificate

Medication Administration Provider Training Registration

This course includes an attached ‘electronic copy’ of the student manual, validation by simulation of otic, transdermal, topical routes, and the 6 Hour FL Medication Administration Certificate of Completion on the same day of training upon successful completion.

Daily dose of vitamins

Ready to Get Trained?


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